Manning vs. Manning

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The Super Bowl’s conclusion brings up an incredible argument, something that most NFL fans never thought would be an issue.

Who would have thought that after the Super Bowl, people would be discussing which Manning was better?

If this debate came up years ago, it would not be a debate at all.  In fact, anyone who claimed that New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was the better of the two, it would be considered either an outlandish or idiotic statement.

And people from that era would have a good point, too.  Peyton’s resume’ speaks for itself.  Peyton Manning broke countless records and led the Colts to several consecutive AFC South championships.  His place in the Hall of Fame is not questioned.

Yet so many people measure the success of a quarterback by the number of championship rings he wears.  Peyton has one, but now Eli has two.

The NFL is a passing league.  So with all the records and successes that Peyton Manning achieved, how much more will Eli be given credit?  In truth, he should not get as much as he will.

Make no doubt about it, Eli elevated himself to an elite level after another Super-Bowl MVP award. But when you consider that the building that Eli played the Super Bowl in was built because of the success from his older brother, that really puts things in perspective.

Kurt Warner said recently that Eli Manning is still not a lock for the Hall of Fame until Manning can perform at a high level on a consistent basis.
So while another Super Bowl victory is a tremendous accomplishment for Eli Manning, it’s still not enough to consider the youngest as the best.

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