Tebow should be excited about Peyton Manning’s visit

A report came out earlier today regarding Tim Tebow’s reaction to Peyton Manning’s visit to Denver.  An article written by Michael David Smith on Pro Football Talk said that Nicole Darin, a sports anchor at WSTP-TV, reported that Tebow was “rattled” by Manning’s visit. 

He shouldn’t be rattled.  This could be the best thing for Tim Tebow’s career. 

Tebow played well in an option-style offense.  Unfortunately he’s not at Florida anymore, this is the NFL.  Professional football turned into a passing-oriented game.  Teams can still find success running the football, but the teams hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in recent years had reliable passing offenses. 

Tebow cannot just run the option-offense for the remainder of his career and expect to win, a reality that he already knows.  That’s why he continued to work on his passing skills at UCLA during the offseason.  He wants to develop into that pocket quarterback the Broncos need. 

Who could help Tebow more than future hall-of-fame and, like Tebow, former SEC quarterback Peyton Manning?  If there is anyone whose attention to detail, perfectionism and experience can help Tebow to transition into the NFL, it’s Peyton Manning.  Oh and by the way, Manning might win a few games too. 

Being tutored behind a veteran quarterback is not exactly a revolutionary idea.  It’s been around for decades and several quarterbacks owe their successful careers to it.  With all of the success from rookie quarterbacks in recent years, it’s easy to forget about that.  Of all the starters in the league today, no one remembers a quarterback sitting behind Brett Favre before he got the reigns.  What was his name?  Oh yeah, Aaron Rodgers. 

Watching and learning the game from the sidelines does not happen as often today because teams are so desperate to find a quarterback to lead their team.  They draft a quarterback and expect him to win right away just because they have no other options. 

If Manning decides to sign with Denver, Tebow has a golden opportunity to learn the quarterback position from one of the best to ever play the game.  Although the prospect of losing the starting job that both John Fox and John Elway said that Tebow had, it will be a beneficial experience for the former Florida Gator in the long run.  Fox and Elway have not last faith in Tebow with this move, but it’s a move that signifies that Manning would give them the best chance to win this year.  And once Manning retires, Tebow would step in to the starting job with more training, experience and confidence.


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