Da’Rick Rogers to stay at Tennessee?

Just when Tennessee Vol fans thought they could sleep easy in knowing that the coaching staff and team for 2012 would finally be set in stone, they faced another situation that many thought would end in a departure from Big Orange Country.  Or at least that’s what many thought. 

On Thursday, scout.com confirmed that wide receiver Da’Rick Rogers was considering transferring to Georgia State.  To Vols fans, this news gave a grim outlook for 2012 as Rogers was the one of the big highlights for a Tennessee offense that struggled to stay healthy in 2011.    

Today Rogers practiced with Tennessee, a move that leaves little to intrepret.  At least on the outside, it seems that Rogers is here to stay. 

Tennessee Vols head coach Derek Dooley has said little of Rogers’ situation, only that Rogers had to take care of something.  According to an article by Austin Ward on govolsxtra.com, Dooley was quoted saying “Glad he took care of what he had to do.” 

With the mysterious dialogue given by Dooley, only one thing is certain: Tennessee is very grateful to have their wide receiver back.


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