Bryce Brown drafted in round seven by Eagles

When Lane Kiffin became the head coach for the Tennessee Volunteers in 2009, Big Orange Country held high hopes for their team.  They had just fired long-time head coach Phillip Fulmer and the team’s stability became an area of question.  Kiffin brought in one of Tennessee best recruiting classes at that time, including one of the top prospects coming out of high school, running back Bryce Brown.

Brown, now drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles with the 229th overall pick, went from being considered one of the elite prospects from his days in high school to sneaking in the end of the draft as his limited playing time is a huge question mark on his stock. 

When Kiffin left the program, Brown decided to part ways with the Volunteers as well.  He transfered to Kansas State where he did not get that much playing time.  Brown left Kansas State and decided to enter the NFL Draft.

Now Brown finds himself behind LeSean McCoy, one of the league’s primier running backs.


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